Lesson planning: A detailed description of one part of the course plan, in which you define step by step what needs to be done and provide more details about the work of the teacher
  1. When?
    • When the teacher is not very experienced or does not have all the necessary equipment → later, when the teacher is really experienced and the lesson plan doesn’t need to be shown to any authority, it is not that necessary to make a lesson plan (the teacher will be as prepared as if he would have prepared a detailed lesson plan)
    • it has to be prepared for each lesson
  2. Why?
    • it defines what needs to be done
    • it points out if you get off-piste
    • it is a „report“ of the actual work of the teacher
  3. How?
    • As needed (the goal can be: language exam, speaking, native-like level, etc...)
    • Does it have to be detailed? It depends: it can be a sketch or a minute-to-minute plan
  4. To check later:
    • make some comments: what needs more time, what didn’t work, etc.