1. What does teaching mean (According to PIV – Plena Ilustrita Vortaro (Complete Illustrated Dictionary of Esperanto):
    • To transmit methodical knowledge to someone about a scientific field, literature, etc.
    • Improving the skills of someone about arts, professions, etc.
    • To show someone precisely how he/she needs to act.
    • Important: „It is impossible to learn how to swim or play the piano by reading books about it”

  2. What is a good teacher like? Positive, open, patient, clear, attentive, organised, kind, creative, inspiring, motivating, fair, free of prejudices, respectful, enthusiastic, helpful, curious, empathic, confident, praising, amusing, comforting, setting an example, egalitarian, dressed suitably (?) → an ideal teacher doesn’t exist

  3. What is a good Esperanto-teacher like?
    • Knows a lot of cultures and is aware of cultural differences
    • Knows some foreign languages at least a little

Exercise: Role play: 4 groups present 2 bad and 2 good Esperanto lessons. After that the whole group figures out whether the lesson was intended to be good or bad and gives feedback.