You could already learn about the existing materials and how to choose a suitable material from the training materials created by Cristophe Chazarein. But what happens, when you don’t find a suitable material among the existing ones? You will have to create it. Here it is how:

An example of a really good material can be downloaded from : Inventaĵoj!

What is a good material like?
  • Colorful, with a lot of pictures, nicely made, attractive
  • Non-monotonous
  • Uses a lot of skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
  • Uses a lot of senses (moves, vision, listening, touch, emotions)
  • Interesting, amusing
  • Suitable level of language
  • Clear instructions (for the teacher as well)
  • Has a goal (it is advisable to expain it for adults)
  • Suitable duration
  • An introductiory part at the beginning (with individual tasks), so that everyone starts to wotk and is motivated for effectively working togerther later
  • It builds on / strengthens previous knowledge

Attention: Don’t be creepy! → If a task / exercise doesn’t work, just leave it and proceed with something else. Such a task can intimidate the students, who won’t learn anything from it.

Exercise 2: Create materials (video- or audiomaterials)! The groups will receive a text. First, they will have to register it. After that, they will have to create exercises for the texts, present it, collect ideas and send it to the trainers. Please answer also the following questions: Whick CEFR-level does the task belong to? Which topic does it include?