Some things to read to perfect the language….

About the CEFR and Esperanto
‘La komuna Eŭropa Referenckadro’
This brochure is a very general presentation of the CEFR, and of its significance for Esperanto.
Published by UEA and ILEI.

‘Esperanto from level to level’
This book describes in detail the exams which follow the principles and norms of the CEFR:
  • Themes
  • Grammatical demands
  • Specimen papers
Freely downloadable at the website –

About the application of CEFR
“CEFR – a guide for users”
The CEFR is a complicated document written by experts, but the Council for Europe published a guide book specially designed for the general public.
This guidebook unfortunately only exists in two versions, English and French. They are downloadable on the website of the Council for Europe.
It’s worth reading the first three chapters, which are rich in valuable advice and clarifications, and are written in simple and accessible language.